Sails Additional Fluency - Orange Multi Pack

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Sails Additional Fluency - Orange Multi Pack

By Jack Gabolinscy, Sue Ledington, April George, Elizabeth Hookings, Dawn McMillan more
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Published Date
The Sails Additional Fluency - Orange Multi Pack contains 6 copies of selected titles from the Sails Additional Fluency Orange series.
  • 6 copies of A Mystery for Mickey Maloney
  • 6 copies of Animal Headgear
  • 6 copies of Animal Smugglers
  • 6 copies of Black Cat and Poodle Dog
  • 6 copies of Camping With Dad
  • 6 copies of Cold Places
  • 6 copies of Dangerous Jobs
  • 6 copies of Fangs and Teeth
  • 6 copies of Gran's Hearing Aids
  • 6 copies of Inside Caves
  • 6 copies of Long Hairy Legs
  • 6 copies of MM Mouse at the Movies
  • 6 copies of Mr Bean
  • 6 copies of Mud Slide
  • 6 copies of Mum at the Football
  • 6 copies of Mum's Shoes
  • 6 copies of My Donkey Can Read
  • 6 copies of Sailor Sam and the Goat
  • 6 copies of Scuba Diving
  • 6 copies of Sea Turtles
  • 6 copies of Shamus
  • 6 copies of Special Tricks
  • 6 copies of Spy Tools
  • 6 copies of The Nose Horns
  • 6 copies of The Secret Presents
  • 6 copies of Thrills on Water!
  • 6 copies of Trackers
  • 6 copies of Travelling Animals
  • 6 copies of Volunteers
  • 6 copies of You Can Have a Party Anywhere!


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  • analytical thinking skills are promoted
  • understanding of fiction and non-fiction is stimulated
  • engaging visuals and subjects to motivate students
  • decoding and comprehension skills are developed
  • understanding of purpose, structure and text types is promoted
Target audience
Suitable for lower primary.
Series overview
The Sails Literacy Series is the perfect resource for Guided Reading and Writing, Reciprocal Reading and Independent Reading. The engaging visuals and subjects will motivate your students to read for pleasure and for information.
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