MainSails Level 3 Value Pack

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MainSails Level 3 Value Pack

By Jill Eggleton, Jo Windsor, Jack Gabolinscy, Carol Krueger, John Lockyer more
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Jill Eggleton all
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This Pack contains 8 copies of each reader within Level 3, and 1 copy of the accompanying Teacher's Resource.


MainSails gives your students the inside knowledge on how language works, how to analyse it and how to apply it to a variety of situations. Each title features:

  • a stimulating magazine-style format and innovative teaching elements
  • unique Think Tank elements encouraging interaction with the text
  • investigations of literacy devices that are essential for effective writing
  • specific modelling of text types, including fantasy, mystery, reports, explanation and narratives.
Series overview

MainSails is ideal for:

  • developing students' oral reading and comprehension skills
  • Guided Reading and Reciprocal Reading
  • supporting students as they develop their own writing style
  • explicitly teaching comprehension skills including summarising, sequencing, understanding inferences and understanding cause and effect.
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