SAMS Teach Yourself Go in 24 Hours

George Ornbo

SAMS Teach Yourself Go in 24 Hours

By George Ornbo
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George Ornbo
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More and more programmers and organisations are discovering that the Go language offers immense potential for building simpler, more reliable, more efficient software. Now, in just 24 lessons of one hour or less, students can learn all the skills and techniques they’ll need to write high-quality Go programs. Each short, easy lesson builds on all that’s come before, helping readers master all of Go’s essentials, and use Go to address their unique challenges.

George Ornbo is a software engineer, blogger, and author with 14 years of experience delivering software to startups and enterprise clients. He has experience with a broad range of programming languages, UNIX, and the underlying protocols of the web. He is currently working at a Blockchain startup in London.

  • Shows how to build Go programs step by step, with all samples available for download
  • Teaches through practical instructions, realistic examples, hands-on workshops, Q-and-As, quizzes, exercises, tips, and more
  • Shows how Go compares with JavaScript, helping JavaScript developers quickly leverage their existing skills
Table of contents
  • Hour 1: Getting Started
  • Hour 2: Understanding Types
  • Hour 3: Understanding Variables
  • Hour 4: Using Functions in Go
  • Hour 5: Using Control Flow
  • Hour 6: Working with Arrays, Slices, and Maps
  • Hour 7: Using Structs and Pointers
  • Hour 8: Creating Methods and Interfaces
  • Hour 9: Working with Strings
  • Hour 10: Handling Errors
  • Hour 11: Working with Goroutines
  • Hour 12: Introducing Channels
  • Hour 13: Using Packages for Code Reuse
  • Hour 14: Naming Conventions in Go
  • Hour 15: Testing and Performance
  • Hour 16: Debugging
  • Hour 17: Using Command-Line Programs
  • Hour 18: Creating HTTP Servers
  • Hour 19: Creating HTTP Clients with Go
  • Hour 20: Working with JSON
  • Hour 21: Working with Files
  • Hour 22: Introducing Regular Expressions
  • Hour 23: Programming Time in Go
  • Hour 24: Deploying Go Code
  • Extra - Hour 25: Creating a RESTful JSON API
  • Extra - Hour 26: Creating a TCP Chat Server