Financing Enterprises eBook + MyLab Finance (Custom Edition), 2nd Edition

Sheridan Titman all

Financing Enterprises eBook + MyLab Finance (Custom Edition), 2nd Edition

By Sheridan Titman, Tony Martin, Arthur K. Keown, John D. Martin, John William Petty more
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Sheridan Titman all
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This custom edition is published for Western Sydney University.

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Table of contents
  • 1 Forms of Ownership
  • 2 Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flows
  • 3 Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Ownership
  • 4 Interest Rates and the Time Value of Money − The Basics
  • 5 Financing the Business
  • 6 Working Capital Management and Short Term Financing
  • 7 Financial Analysis
  • 8 The Australian Financial Markets
  • 9 GDP: Measuring Total Production, Income and Economic Growth
  • 10 Economic Growth, the Financial System and Business Cycles
  • 11 Unemployment and Inflation
  • 12 Money, Banks and Interest Rates
  • 13 Monetary Policy and Effects of Interest Rate Changes