Essential University Physics: Volume 1 & 2, Global Edition, 4th Edition

Richard Wolfson

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Essential University Physics: Volume 1 & 2, Global Edition, 4th Edition

By Richard Wolfson
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Richard Wolfson
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This pack contains 1 copy of Essential University Physics: Volume 1 Global Edition and 1 copy of Essential University Physics: Volume 2 Global Edition.

Focus on the fundamentals and help students see connections between problem types

Richard Wolfson’s Essential University Physics is a concise and progressive calculus-based physics textbook that offers clear writing, great problems, and relevant real-life applications in an affordable and streamlined text. The book teaches sound problem-solving strategies and emphasises conceptual understanding, using features such as annotated figures and step-by-step problem-solving strategies. Realising students have changed a great deal over time while the fundamentals of physics have changed very little, Wolfson makes physics relevant and alive for students by sharing the latest physics applications in a succinct and captivating style.

The 4th Edition, Global Edition, incorporates research from instructors, reviewers, and thousands of students to expand the book’s problem sets and consistent problem-solving strategy. A new problem type guides students to see patterns, make connections between problems that can be solved using similar steps, and apply those steps when working problems on homework and exams.

Volume 1 contains Chapters 1—19

Volume 2 contains Chapters 20-39
New to this edition
  • Example Variation Problems build in difficulty by changing scenarios, changing the knowns vs. unknowns, and adding complexity and a step of reasoning to provide the most helpful range of related problems that use the same basic approach to find their solutions. These scaffolded problem sets help students see patterns and make connections between problems that can be solved using similar steps and help them to be less surprised by variations on problems when exam time comes. Assignable in Mastering Physics.
  • Learning Outcomes succinctly state goals for each chapter, identifying for students what they should be learning and aiding in metacognition.
  • Each end-of-chapter problem is correlated with one or more learning outcomes.
  • Learning Outcomes Table at the start of each end-of-chapter problem set relates problems and helps students target what they don’t know and prove what they do.
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Table of contents
Volume 1
  • 1 Doing Physics  
  • 2 Motion in a Straight Line  
  • 3 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions  
  • 4 Force and Motion  
  • 5 Using Newton’s Laws  
  • 6 Energy, Work, and Power  
  • 7 Conservation of Energy  
  • 8 Gravity  
  • 9 Systems of Particles  
  • 10 Rotational Motion  
  • 11 Rotational Vectors and Angular Momentum  
  • 12 Static Equilibrium  
  • 13 Oscillatory Motion  
  • 14 Wave Motion  
  • 15 Fluid Motion  
  • 16 Temperature and Heat  
  • 17 The Thermal Behavior of Matter  
  • 18 Heat, Work, and the First Law of Thermodynamics  
  • 19 The Second Law of Thermodynamics  

Volume 2 contains Chapters 20-39
  • 20 Electric Charge, Force, and Field
  • 21 Gauss’s Law
  • 22 Electric Potential
  • 23 Electrostatic Energy and Capacitors
  • 24 Electric Current
  • 25 Electric Circuits
  • 26 Magnetism: Force and Field
  • 27 Electromagnetic Induction
  • 28 Alternating-current Circuits
  • 29 Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
  • 30 Reflection and Refraction
  • 31 Images and Optical Instruments
  • 32 Interference and Diffraction
  • 33 Relativity
  • 34 Particles and Waves
  • 35 Quantum Mechanics
  • 36 Atomic Physics
  • 37 Molecules and Solids
  • 38 Nuclear Physics
  • 39 From Quarks to the Cosmos

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