Heinemann Biology 2 Student Book with eBook + Assessment and Skills & Assessment Book, 6th Edition

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Heinemann Biology 2 Student Book with eBook + Assessment and Skills & Assessment Book, 6th Edition

By Zoe Armstrong, Christina Bliss, Erin Bruns, Naomi Campanale, Elaine Georges more
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This pack contains 1 copy of
  • Heinemann Biology 2 Student Book
  • Heinemann Biology 2 Skills & Assessment
  • access code to the Heinemann Biology 2 Student eBook + Assessment
The student book addresses the latest developments and applications in biology. It also incorporates best-practice literacy and learning design to ensure the content and concepts are fully accessible to all learners.

The skills and assessment book gives students the edge in applying key science skills and preparing for all forms of assessment.


Download the detailed table of contents of Heinemann Biology 2

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Preview sample pages from Heinemann Biology 2 Skills and Assessment
Features of the student book
  • Case studies with real-world data and analysis questions
  • A smooth progression from low to high order questions in section, chapter and area of study reviews
Key features of the eBook + Assessment 
  • Learner access
    • Digital assessment questions with scaffolded hints, instant feedback and auto-correction
    • Student book fully worked solutions
    • Videos and interactives
    • SPARKlab versions of the skills and assessment book practical activities, developed in collaboration with PASCO
  • Teacher access
    • Digital assessment tool for informing planning, assigning work, tracking progress and identifying gaps
    • Comprehensive sample teaching plan
    • Suite of practice exam materials
    • Rich support for area of study 3
    • Solutions and support for the skills and assessment book

Features of the skills and assessment book

 In addition to key knowledge summaries, worksheets and practical activities, the new features to Skills and Assessment book include:

  • Addition of VCAA questions (Year 12) and exam-style questions (Year 11)
  • Inclusions of skills toolkit to be used by students as a reference throughout their studies
  • Addition of reflection worksheets for students to reflect on their learning and progress
  • Addition of case study analysis activities
  • Comprehensive teacher support including fully worked solutions for worksheets, practical activities, case studies, past VCAA and exam style questions and comprehensive support for Unit 1, 2 and 4 Area of Study 3 assessment.
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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Scientific investigation
  • Unit 3 How do cells maintain life?
  • Area 1 What is the role of nucleic acids and proteins in maintaining life?
  • Chapter 2 Cells and the composition of cells
  • Chapter 3 From nucleic acids to proteins
  • Chapter 4 DNA manipulation techniques and applications
  • Area of study 2 How are biochemical pathways regulated?
  • Chapter 5 Regulation of biochemical pathways
  • Chapter 6 Biochemical pathways: Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 7 Biochemical pathways: Cellular respiration
  • Unit 4 How does life change and respond to challenges?
  • Area of study 1 How do organisms respond to pathogens?
  • Chapter 8 Responding to antigens
  • Chapter 9 Acquiring immunity
  • Chapter 10 Disease challenges and strategies
  • Area of study 2: How are species related over time?
  • Chapter 11 Genetic changes in a population over time
  • Chapter 12 Changes in species over time
  • Chapter 13 Determining the relatedness of species
  • Chapter 14 Human change over time
  • Glossary

New edition coming in 2021

Heinemann Biology 6th Edition, available in 2021, is your one-stop shop for VCE Biology.

The long-trusted series provides quality content that completely covers the 2022-2026 Biology Study Design. 

The new edition provides digital assessment, a clear and well-paced layout, language more accessible to students, comprehensively addresses key science skills and past VCAA exam questions with examiners'  notes.

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