Mathology Little Books - Number: Marbles, Alleys, Mibs, Guli! (6 Pack with Teacher's Guide)

By Lalie Harcourt, Ricki Wortzman

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There is a bag of marbles in Grandpa's shed. What different names do marbles have, and what games can be played with them?

This pack contains:
  • 6 copies of the Mathology Little Book - Marbles, Alleys, Mibs, Guli!
  • 1 copy of the corresponding Teacher's Guide.
is 24 pages in length and suited for the year 2 Australian year level. The Teacher's Guide is 40 pages in length.

The Teacher Guides provide scaffolded, hands-on activities with concrete materials, with no need for workbooks or worksheets. There are also downloadable Line Master resources for each Mathology Little Book which can be accessed via Pearson Places.

Strand: Number
Big Maths Idea: Quantities and numbers can be grouped by units or split into units
Key Maths Focus: Add/subtract 2-digit numbers. Solve equal grouping/sharing problems.

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Help build confidence in young learners with our Mathology Little Books F-2.

These Little Books provide maths-first literature to unpack important maths concepts and help build a solid foundation for maths in young learners.

Books can be chosen based on a child's or a group’s level of maths understanding as they’re presented along a progression of learning. Little Books can be used alongside any maths program to enrich lessons.
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