Pearson Illustrated Maths Dictionary eBook, 5th Edition

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Pearson Illustrated Maths Dictionary eBook, 5th Edition

By Judith De Klerk, Amanda Marasco
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Judith De Klerk all
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The Pearson Illustrated Maths Dictionary is a revised and improved edition of Australia’s best-selling mathematics dictionary incorporating all the mathematical terms in the Australian Curriculum glossary.

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  • Compatible with the Australian Curriculum
  • Over 80 new entries to cater for students up to year 10
  • Photographs replacing some illustrations where appropriate
  • Theme colours for letters and matching colour tabs for improved navigation
  • An index at the back of the book
  • Accurate definitions written in clear and simple language suitable for primary and secondary students
  • Clear, precise and concise explanations of complex terms
  • Examples and illustrations to support each definition
  • A useful informations section providing symbols, formulas and other supporting mathematical terms
Table of contents
  • A–Z
  • Useful information
    • Units of measurement
    • A list of symbols
    • Roman numerals
    • Parts of a circle
    • Metric relationships
    • Formulae
    • More formulae
    • Large numbers
    • Letters used in mathematics
    • Decimal system prefixes
    • Numerical prefixes
    • Other prefixes
    • The multiplication square
    • Greek alphabet
    • Conversion tables: metric and imperial
    • Computing terms

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