Business Law eBook - 180 day rental, 11th Edition

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Business Law eBook - 180 day rental, 11th Edition

By Andy Gibson, Sarah Osborne
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Andy Gibson all
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Gibson and Osborne continue to provide students of commercial or business law with an accessible and student-friendly, yet authoritative and comprehensive, textbook. Business Law will satisfy the requirements of most business or commercial law subjects throughout Australia.

Up to date and revised – In this edition, contract law has been consolidated into four chapters and care has been taken to ensure that the text represents current law in all states and territories.

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Andy Gibson has worked in private legal practice and lectured in business law now for 40 years, first at the (then) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, then at Griffith University and finally at Southern Cross University.

Sarah Osborne has taught for 10 years across business law, accounting and finance at Australian universities, including The Australian National University, The University of Queensland and Bond University. She is currently a Lecturer of Business Law in the School of Accountancy at Queensland University of Technology.
  • Students are supported by a broad range of learning features and opportunities, including in-chapter review questions, tutorial questions, key legal cases with walkthroughs and much more.
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Table of contents
  • PART 1 The legal framework
  • Chapter 1 Legal foundations
  • Chapter 2 How the legal system works
  • PART 2 Law of contracts
  • Chapter 3 Creation of the contract
  • Chapter Validity
  • Chapter 5 Terms of the contract
  • Chapter 6 Rights and liabilities of the parties, discharge and remedies
  • PART 3 Civil liability 
  • Chapter 7 Civil liability: The law of torts and negligence
  • Chapter 8 Applications of negligence to business
  • PART 4 Consumer law 
  • Chapter 9 Statutory consumer guarantees and the Australian Consumer law
  • Chapter 10 General and specific consumer protections under the ACL
  • PART 5 Business organisations and the law
  • Chapter 11 Agency
  • Chapter 12 Sole traders and partnerships
  • Chapter 13 Introduction to companies and incorporated associations
  • Chapter 14 Choosing a business entity

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Additional content

Chapters 15-28 are not included in the eBook.
These chapters are available to educators who wish to customise the offering to their specific course needs. Please contact your Pearson Consultant for further information.
  • Chapter 15 Other business-related torts
  • Chapter 16 Insurance
  • Chapter 17 Sales of goods - business to business
  • Chapter 18 Property and mortgages
  • Chapter 19 Intellectual property
  • Chapter 20 Ethics and business practice
  • Chapter 21 Criminal law in a business context
  • Chapter 22 Competition law
  • Chapter 23 Insolvency and debt recovery
  • Chapter 24 The work environment and the employment relationship
  • Chapter 25 Electronic commerce
  • Chapter 26 Negotiable instruments
  • Chapter 27 Consumer credit and privacy
  • Chapter 28 Ethics and regulations in marketing and advertising