Accounting: An Introduction Pearson eText, 8th Edition

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Accounting: An Introduction Pearson eText, 8th Edition

By Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney, David Harvey, Ling Mei Cong
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Accounting: An Introduction, 8th Edition, is an introductory text for students new to accounting. It engages students using cases, reflective questions and real-world examples to support them in developing critical thinking skills useful across disciplines and needed for starting a financial business. . 

The 8th edition includes communication and decision-making skills to help prepare students for employability. The Accounting and You feature helps students understand how the content is relevant to everyday life. 

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Self- Assessment Questions - This feature allows students to apply and test their knowledge. These questions are demanding and comprehensive to help reinforce understanding.  Answers to these questions are provided in the text.

Concept checks - Concept checks provide a quick understanding check of the learning objective.

Accounting and You - This section illustrates how the content has real relevance to everyday life. This is an effective pedagogical feature where students can engage with topics and understand its relevance and value

Table of contents
  • 1 Introduction to accounting 
  • 2 Measuring and reporting financial position
  • 3 Measuring and reporting financial performance 
  • 4 Introduction to limited companies 
  • 5 Regulatory framework for companies 
  • 6 Measuring and reporting cash flows
  • 7 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability accounting
  • 8 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • 9 Cost–volume–profit analysis and relevant costing
  • 10 Full costing
  • 11 Budgeting
  • 12 Capital investment decisions
  • 13 The management of working capital
  • 14 Financing the business

 Download the detailed table of contents