Looking Forward Through the Lifespan: Developmental Psychology (Custom Edition eBook)

Candida C. Peterson

Looking Forward Through the Lifespan: Developmental Psychology (Custom Edition eBook)

By Candida C. Peterson
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Candida C. Peterson
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This custom edition is published for the Macquarie University.

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Table of contents
  • Part 1: Studying human development over the lifespan
    • Chapter 1: Lifespan developmental psychology
    • Chapter 2: The science of lifespan development: Goals, theories and methodology
    • Chapter 3: In the beginning: Heredity, prenatal development and birth

  • Part 2: Infancy—From birth to age two
    • Chapter 4: Infancy: Physical, neurobiological, sensorimotor and cognitive development
    • Chapter 5: Infancy: Social, emotional and personality development

  • Part 3: The preschool period—From age two to age six
    • Chapter 6: Toddlers: Cognitive, social and personality development in the context of language acquisition
    • Chapter 7: Preschoolers: Physical, neurocognitive, emotional, intellectual and social development

  • Part 4: Middle childhood—Age six to age 12
    • Chapter 8: Middle Childhood: Social, personality and sex-role development
    • Chapter 9: Middle Childhood: Physical, neurobiological, cognitive and emotional development in the context of schooling