Leadership and Influencing (Custom Edition eBook)

Stephen P. Robbins all

Leadership and Influencing (Custom Edition eBook)

By Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge, Peter Sandiford, Marisa Edwards, Martin Fitzgerald more
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Stephen P. Robbins all
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This custom edition is published for the University of Adelaide.

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Table of contents
  • Chapters from Organisational Behaviour 9th ed
    • Chapter 2: Diversity in organisations
    • Chapter 3: Attitudes and job satisfaction
    • Chapter 4: Personality and values
    • Chapter 5: Emotions and moods
    • Chapter 6: Perception and individual decision making
    • Chapter 7: Motivation: from concept to application
    • Chapter 9: Understanding work teams
    • Chapter 11: Leadership
    • Chapter 16: Organisational change and stress management

  • Chapters from Leadership in Organisations 9th ed
    • Chapter 1: The Nature of Leadership
    • Chapter 6: Power and Influence Tactics
    • Chapter 8: Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
    • Chapter 5: Leading Change and Innovation
    • Chapter 10: Dyadic Relations and Followers
    • Chapter 7: Leader Traits and Skills
    • Chapter 13: Cross-Cultural Leadership and Diversity

  • Chapters from Communication in Business: Strategies and Skills 7th ed
    • Chapter 1: The communication factor
    • Chapter 2: Interpersonal communication
    • Chapter 3: Emotional intelligence: managing self and relationships
    • Chapter 4: Negotiation and confl ict management
    • Chapter 5: Intercultural communication
    • Chapter 6: Communication across the organisation
    • Chapter 8: Team and work group communication
    • Chapter 9: Effective meetings: face-to-face and virtual
    • Chapter 21: Writing reflective journals
    • Chapter 23: Social media
    • Chapter 7: Leadership