Accounting and Finance Management for Non-Specialists (Custom Edition eBook)

By Sheridan Titman, Tony Martin, Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin, Peter Atrill more

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This custom edition is published for the University of Adelaide.

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Pearson Custom Books
Table of contents
  • Chapters from Accounting for Non-Specialists
    • Chapter 1 Introduction to accounting
    • Chapter 2 Measuring and reporting financial position
    • Chapter 3 Measuring and reporting financial performance
    • Chapter 4 Introduction to limited companies
    • Chapter 5 Regulatory framework for companies
    • Chapter 6 Measuring and reporting cash flows
    • Chapter 7 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability accounting
    • Chapter 8 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
    • Chapter 9 Cost–volume–profi t analysis and relevant costing
    • Chapter 12 Capital investment decisions
    • Chapter 13 The management of working capital
    • Chapter 14 Financing the business
  • Chapters from Financial Management: Principles and Applications
    • Chapter 1 Getting started—Principles of finance
    • Chapter 4 Financial analysis—Sizing up firm performance
    • Chapter 5 The time value of money—The basics
    • Chapter 8 Risk and return—Capital market theory
    • Chapter 11 Investment decision criteria
    • Chapter 12 Analysing project cash flows
    • Chapter 13 Risk analysis and project evaluation
    • Chapter 14 The cost of capital
    • Chapter 15 Analysis and impact of leverage
    • Chapter 16 Capital-structure policy
    • Chapter 18 Financial Forecasting and Planning
    • Chapter 19 Working capital management
    • Chapter 21 Corporate risk management