Marketing and Management: Defined, Explained and Applied (Custom eBook)

By Gary Armstrong, Stewart Adam, Sara Denize, Michael Volkov, Phillip Kotler more

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Pearson Custom Books
Table of contents
  • Session 1 Introduction to marketing and sustainable marketing
  • Chapter 1 Marketing: Creating and capturing customer value
  • Chapter 2 Sustainable marketing: Social responsibility, ethics and legal compliance
  • Session 2 Understanding the marketplace and buyer behaviour
  • Chapter 3 The marketplace and customers: Analysing the environment
  • Chapter 4 Buyer behaviour: Understanding consumer and business buyers
  • Session 3 Marketing analytics
  • Chapter 5 Marketing analytics: Gaining customer insights
  • Session 4 Products and services
  • Chapter 6 Customer-driven marketing strategy: Creating value for target customers
  • Chapter 7 Products, services and brands: Offering customer value
  • Chapter 8 New products: Developing and managing innovation
  • Session 5 Price and placement
  • Chapter 9 Pricing: Capturing customer value
  • Chapter 10 Placement: Customer value fulfilment
  • Session 6 Integrated marketing communication
  • Chapter 11 Communicating customer value: Advertising and public relations
  • Chapter 12 Salespeople and sales promotion: Creating value in relationships
  • Chapter 13 Direct and digital marketing: Interactivity and fulfilment
  • Session 7 Managers, management and managerial sustainable responsibilities
  • Chapter 14 Managers and management
  • Chapter 15 The managerial environment
  • Session 8 Managing the business
  • Chapter 16 Foundations of planning
  • Chapter 17 Foundations of decision making
  • Session 9 Managing the organisation and individual
  • Chapter 18 Organisational structure and design
  • Chapter 19 Foundations of individual behaviour
  • Session 10 Managing people
  • Chapter 20 Managing human resources
  • Chapter 21 Motivating and rewarding employees
  • Session 11 Leading and managing groups
  • Chapter 22 Leadership and trust
  • Chapter 23 Understanding groups and managing work teams
  • Session 12 Control and change management
  • Chapter 24 Foundations of control
  • Chapter 25 Managing change and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Module
  • Appendix 1 Case studies
  • Appendix 2 The marketing plan: An introduction
  • Appendix 3 Marketing analytics spotlights
  • Appendix 4 Careers in marketing
  • Glossary
  •  Index