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Ecco! Senior Student Book with eBook

By Adriana Blazincic, Carla Catanzariti, Maria Gaudioso, Maria Lo Presti, Lidia Nuzzolese more
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Ecco! Senior is a new all-in-one resource that’s equipped to meet the needs of senior students in their final years of studies. It offers a wealth of authentic viewing, reading and listening, and supportive speaking and writing opportunities, challenging students adequately.

This product includes a copy of Ecco! Senior Student Book and a code that provides access to Ecco! Senior eBook.

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Duration of access

The digital code will give 27 months access to the eBook from the date of activation.

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Features of the Student Book
  • Written to the latest version of Australian states senior syllabi by an expert team of authors
  • Reviewed by experienced educators across Australia and Italian language experts
  • Offers up-to-date, relevant and authentic language, texts, visuals and topics
  • Includes exam-style questions, annotated samples, preparation tasks and support
  • Includes practice for Viewing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Multimodal analysing and responding, Higher order thinking and responding, Grammar
  • Builds Critical thinking, Intercultural understanding, Collaboration, Research, ICT and Presentation skills.
Features of the eBook 
  • Presents an electronic version of the Student Book
  • Includes all audio tracks for the Student Book and worksheets, recorded by native speakers
  • 3 editable practice and consolidation worksheets per chapter (reading and writing; listening and responding; grammar)
  • Editable chapter vocabulary lists for learning and revision
  • Grammar revision and consolidation animations (Years 9-10 concepts)

Access to the eBook is for a duration of 27 months from the point of activation.

Table of contents
  • Capitolo 1: Il mio mondo
  • Capitolo 2: Il benessere parte da noi
  • Capitolo 3: Liberi di viaggiare
  • Capitolo 4: Tutto il mondo è paese!
  • Capitolo 5: Un’Italia da festeggiare
  • Capitolo 6: Il genio italiano
  • Capitolo 7: Sempre connessi
  • Capitolo 8: Cosa porterà il futuro?
  • Capitolo 9: La società che cambia
  • Capitolo 10: Noi, giovani di oggi
  • Capitolo 11: Culture in movimento
  • Capitolo 12: Verso la sostenibilità

Download the detailed table of contents

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