Quoi de Neuf ? Senior Teacher eBook with audio download

Annabel Gassmann all

Quoi de Neuf ? Senior Teacher eBook with audio download

By Annabel Gassmann, Philippe Vallantin, Nathalie Marchand, Salma Burfoot, James Armstrong
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Annabel Gassmann all
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Quoi de Neuf ? Senior Teacher eBook allows teachers to interact with Student Book content and more, both online and offline. It offers access to all audio tracks, worksheets, vocabulary lists and additional teacher support material. Teacher eBook comes with Audio track Download, so you can save all audio tracks on your device for ease of use.

A Teacher-specific eBook which includes:
  • All Student eBook content (Student Book pages, editable worksheets; audio tracks for the Student Book and worksheets)
  • Student Book and Worksheet audio scripts
  • Student Book and Worksheet answers
  • Curriculum mapping for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  • Suggested scope and sequence documents for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  • Additional Teaching guidance documents and resources
  • Downloadable audio files.

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Series overview
Quoi de Neuf Senior for Years 11-12 was written from the ground up based on teacher research and is aligned with the Victorian Study Design 2019, the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus, the QLD Senior curriculum 2019, and all other states’ senior curricula.

Building on the features and language of the Quoi de Neuf ? years 7-10 series, while recognising the specific needs of senior French years, Quoi de Neuf ? Senior equips students for their studies and exams with an all-in-one print and digital resource. Students continue to use their intercultural, investigating, viewing and critical thinking skills with Quoi de Neuf ? Senior.
Table of contents
  • Unité 1: En famille ou entre amis
  • Unité 2: L’art de vivre en équilibre
  • Unité 3: L’éducation, c’est la vie !
  • Unité 4: Le monde est à nous !
  • Unité 5: Festivals et rites et passages
  • Unité 6: Art, culture et divertissements
  • Unité 7: Notre utilisation des médias et des nouvelles technologies
  • Unité 8: Et toi, comment vois-tu ton avenir ?
  • Unité 9: Derrière les clichés
  • Unité 10: C’est facile d’être jeune au XXIe siècle ?
  • Unité 11: Aidons la planète !
  • Unité 12: Les gens d’ici et d’ailleurs

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