Australian Government and Politics (Custom Edition)

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Australian Government and Politics (Custom Edition)

By Alan Fenna, Rob Manwaring
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Alan Fenna all
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This custom edition is published for Flinders University.

Australian Government and Politics is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative introductory text on the Australian political system. Solidly based in current research, Australian Government and Politics provides a firm understanding of the way the institutions and actors of liberal democracy are constituted and function in Australia. It is an authoritative guide to the structure and institutions of Australian government; political ideas and political parties; elections and representation; the media and interest groups; and the making of public policy. This textbook also innovates in a number of ways, including a strong comparative focus throughout, and a dedicated emphasis on Indigenous politics and policy issues. This a new textbook which offers a fresh approach to the study of Australian politics, and introduces a new range of scholarly voices to the next generation of students.

  • Comprehensive analysis of liberal democracy
  • Coverage of indigenous politics and policy
  • Comparisions to international political systems
  • Discussion of non-voting forms of participation in the political process
  • An introduction to the nature of public policy making and implementation
  • Evaluation of the government’s response to environmental challenges

Alan Fenna is a researcher at Curtin University specialising in the areas of Australian government and politics, Australian public policy, and Australian and comparative federalism in The John Curtin Institute of Public Policy (JCIPP). He is the author of Australian Public Policy, 2nd edn (2004); co-editor of Government and Politics in Australia, 10th edn (2013); co-author of Comparative Federalism: a systematic inquiry, 2nd edn (2015); co-author of Interrogating Public Policy Theory: a political values perspective (2019); and author or co-author of a range of journal articles and book chapters (see below). He has recently completed Australian Research Council funded research on inequality and the distributional effects of the Australian welfare state and an international research project on the dynamics of federal systems (Publius: the journal of federalism, vol. 49, no. 1). Professor Fenna served as President of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) 2009-10.

Rob Manwaring is a senior lecturer in the College of Business, Law and Government at Flinders University. Rob's background is in public policy, and worked for the UK's Commission for Racial Equality as a senior policy adviser, and also for the South Australian Council of Social Services. Since completing his PhD at Flinders in 2010, he teaches a range of policy and politics topics, and researches into the areas of centre-left political parties, democratic politics, and public policy. Most recently, his edited collection (with Paul Kennedy from the University of Bath) 'Why the Left Loses' (Policy Press) examined the electoral fortunes of the family of centre-left political parties and the ongoing crisis of social democracy.

Table of contents
  • 1. Democracy in Theory and Practice
  • 2. The Australian System of Government
  • 3. Australia's Parliaments
  • 4. The Executive and the Public Service
  • 5. Australian Federalism
  • 6. Political Ideologies
  • 7. Political Parties and the Australian Party System
  • 8. The Australian Labor Party
  • 9. The Coalition
  • 10. Minor Parties and Independents
  • 11. The Electoral System
  • 12. Voting and Participation
  • 13. The Representation of Women in Australian Politics
  • 14. Policy Making
  • 15. Interest Groups and Political Lobbying
  • 16. Politics and Media in the Digital Age
  • 17. Environmental Policy
  • 18. Australia in the World Index