Teaching Primary Mathematics eBook, 6th Edition

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Teaching Primary Mathematics eBook, 6th Edition

By George Booker, Denise Bond, Rebecca Seah
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The new edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics continues to provides undergraduate and postgraduate students opportunities to link mathematical theory to practice and importantly, prepare them for employment. 

To help student teachers  keep track of the key knowledge and skills they develop as they progress through the chapter,, the new edition includes Chapter Outcomes for each chapter. 

In addition, the new edition has been updated to improve readability, with more activities, worked examples and visual elements to demonstrate how the theory links to practice. Increased linkages to STEM and the Australian Curriculum are included in the new edition.

Found throughout each chapter, there is a List of Activities to provide student teachers with a variety of pedagogical activities to implement in their future classrooms.

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George Booker has been a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at Griffith University where he has taught all introductory primary and special education student teachers. George has been widely published at the academic level and has written curriculum resources for all areas of mathematics education. He has developed and produced a range of teaching materials and as well as a range of numeracy assessment items for use in primary and early secondary schools. He regularly provides ongoing Professional Learning in Numeracy and Problem Solving for schools and other organisations throughout Australia.

Denise Bond is a trained primary and special education teacher who has worked in classrooms from K to 12, in learning support and special education. During her career she has also worked as an education advisor and as a lecturer at Griffith University. She has conducted professional development in the primary and special education sectors and has developed and published curriculum resources in assessment, mathematics education and problem solving.

Rebecca Seah is a mathematics education lecturer in the School of Education at RMIT University where she teaches mathematics education in the primary years in both Bachelor and Master courses. She has previously taught mathematics education at Griffith University and University of Southern Queensland. She is a trained special education teacher and has worked in the early childhood sectors, focusing on inclusive education and early intervention program for children with special needs; as a special education/learning support teacher in a high school; and served as Acting Head of Special Education. She is interested in spatial and geometric reasoning and continues to seek ways to support teachers in creating meaningful learning experiences.

New to this edition
  • Chapter Outcomes, or learning objectives, are introduced at the start of each chapter and indicated in the margins near relevant sections of text.
  • Chapter 9 Geometry has been reorganised and expanded with new activities and a new teaching model.
  • Section 2 has been reordered to begin with Numeration for whole numbers (Ch 3), followed by Computation: additive thinking (Ch 4), Computation: multiplicative thinking (Ch 5) and then Numeration for fraction ideas (Ch 6).
  • Children’s Literature – a list of children’s books which relate to the ideas within the chapter
  • List of Activities –includes a full list of activities found throughout the chapter
  • This will be the first edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics to have the option to be delivered by Revel. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, Revel is designed to boost students' understanding, retention, and preparedness across an expanding range of discipline areas. Booker’s Revel content includes more relevant and contemporary videos and incorporates Australian focussed content including Indigenous method of teaching.
Table of contents
  • 1. Approaches to mathematics teaching and learning
  • 2. Problem solving
  • 3. Numeration for whole numbers
  • 4. Computation for whole numbers: additive thinking
  • 5. Computation for whole numbers: multiplicative thinking
  • 6. Numeration and computation for fraction ideas
  • 7. Algebra and algebraic thinking
  • 8. Measurement
  • 9. Geometry
  • 10. Statistics and probability
  • 11. Connecting ideas across mathematics

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