Music Education In The Primary School

Graeme Askew

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Music Education In The Primary School

By Graeme Askew
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Graeme Askew
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This book reviews the theories of Jaques-Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff and others, and then suggests how teachers can use a synthesis of these to create an exciting program of music education for their students. It covers the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and the reporting process. More than half the book details hundreds of practical music ideas designed for use by both specialist and non-specialist teachers.

Graeme Askew was a music consultant with the Victorian Ministry of Education and has lectured in music education for eight years to trainee teachers at La Trobe University and at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Coburg. 

The Education Australia series editors, P.E. Langford and J.V. D'Cruz, are senior lecturers in the School of Education at La Trobe University.

Table of contents
PART A Music and Music Education
1.       Three soundscapes to consider     
2.       Music and its effects    
3.       Standard approaches to the music curriculum 
4.       The "whole music"
5.       The structure of a music program 
6.       Implementing the music policy
PART B Activities
7.       Listening to music     
8.       Improvisation
9.       Inquiry learning     
10.    The school concert
11.    The voice
12.    Chants
13.    The choir
14.    Instruments
15.    Sound pictures and sound stories
16.    Group keyboard instruction
17.    The recorder 
18.    The guitar
19.    The percussion band       
20.    Instrument awareness clinics     
21.    Movement
22.    Traditional notation  
23.    Non-traditional notation  
24.    Aural skills
25.    Clinics on the elements of music      
26.    Concept mapping 
27.    Science and music