Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms

By Helen McGrath, Shona Francey

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A book for every teacher! Here is the key to a happy classroom:
  • Help your students learn social skills that will help them to get along with their classmates.
  • Create a positive and fun filled classroom where everyone can develop confidence and feel good about themselves.
  • Learn strategies, games and activities to help students who are shy or awkward.
  • Follow the author's suggested program, or create your own, from the wealth of ideas that make up Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms.
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Table of contents

Part A: Introducing the Program

  • Finding your way round the book
  • A range of diagnostic tools

Part B: 21 social skills

  • The Skill Mastery Strategy and other practice techniques
  • 21 important classroom and playground skills, including
    • ways of trying to join others in their games
    • standing up for yourself
    • ways of dealing with bullies
    • handling being teased
    • negotiating to get what you want
    • being a good loser and a good winner
    • being positive towards others
    • speaking in front of an audience in an interesting way
    • good ways of getting the attention you want from others

Part C: Happy classrooms, happy children

  • Increasing self esteem and self confidence
  • Finding solutions to social problems
  • Creating a happy classroom
  • Working with a small group

Part D: Games and resources

  • Everything from Spit! and Giggle Gaggle to Generosity and Global Solutions, to practise specific skills - and have great fun at the same time!