Engineering and Society: An Australian Perspective, 2nd Edition

Stephen Johnston all

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Engineering and Society: An Australian Perspective, 2nd Edition

By Stephen Johnston, Evan Jones, Paul Gostelow
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Stephen Johnston all
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This product encourages students to think of the practice of engineering as social and technical activity within an Australian perspective.  It also encourages students to formulate and adopt a philosophical/ethical framework for engineering practice.

  • Stephen Johnston is Associate Professor and former head of the School of Mechanical Engineering in the faculty of Engineering at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He is a consultant who works in the area of engineering design and design review in the manufacturing and mining industries. In 1998, he was invited to Chair the UTS Sustainability Task Force. In 1997 he was a visiting fellow in the Science, Technology and Society (STS) Program at Stanford University.
  • Paul Gostelow is Professor of Engineering in Thermofluids at Leicester University, England.  His specialist area is fluid mechanics and turbomachinary, in which he has over 100 publications. He has divided his career between academia and industry. He was a Senior Engineer with General Electric in the US.
  • Evan Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Sydney, where he teaches and researches in political economy. He is currently researching in the area of the politics of industry making policy for the Australian manufacturing sector. He has a Ph.D. from Michigan State and an honors degree in commerce from Melbourne University.
  • An increased emphasis on sustainability and the environmental impact of engineering. 
  • Retains strong Australian perspective, yet has an increased focus on international trends and themes. 
  • Situates engineering and technological change and development within an historical context. 
  • Adopts a multi-disciplinary framework. 
  • Excellent pedagogy: including case studies from students, key concepts, discussion questions and references for further reading. 
Table of contents
The Authors

1.       Engineering and History
2.       Engineering in the Modern Era
3.       Engineering and Australian History
4.       Sociological Insights
5.       Politics, Power and the State
6.       A Perspective on Economics
7.       Innovation
8.       Management in Engineering
9.       Development and Technology Transfer
10.    Energy and Sustainability
11.    Towards and Philosophy of Engineering
12.    Ethics and Professionalism