Schools and Classrooms: A Cultural Studies Analysis of Education, 2nd Edition

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Schools and Classrooms: A Cultural Studies Analysis of Education, 2nd Edition

By Colin Symes, Noel Preston
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Colin Symes all
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The first edition of Schools and Classrooms proved a popular and successful text for undergraduate students studying educational philosophy or educational theory subjects. As with the last edition the book analyses and interprets contemporary social theory and then offers its own progressive perspective on education.

The book is organised into three parts: Part One deals with general issues to do with schooling and education; Part Two with specific facets of day-to-day classroom practice; and Part Three offers suggestions on how educational practice can be modified and transformed. This is an excellent text that challenges formal educational theory and explores dimensions and themes not generally covered in other textbooks in education.


Dr Colin Symes is Lecturer in the School of Cultural and Policy Studies, at Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus.

Dr Noel Preston is Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities at the Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus.

New to this edition
  • The book takes into account policy developments such as the Mayer Carmichael report.
  • This edition carefully examines the increasingly market oriented world view and its impact on education.
  • Tutorial exercises for students have been added to the end of each chapter.
  • The design and language of the text has been made more accessible and student friendly.
  • The emerging issues of globalisation and marketisation are covered for the first time.
  • The texts theoretical perspective includes developments in literature and research, including Focauldian theory.
  • The book's referencing has changed to Harvard.
Table of contents
Part I: Education: From The Pre-Modern To The Postmodern
1.       The Discipline Of Education
2.       Education And The Postmodern Turn
3.       Education In Context
4.       Competing Perspectives On Education
5.      The Curriculum And The Course Of Education
6.       Educational As A 'Positional Good': Equality And Schooling
Part II: The Disciplinary Foundations Of Schooling
7.       School To Work, Or Learning To Labour
8.       The Chronology Of The School, Or Making Subjects Run On Time
9.      The Character Building Building: The Architecture Of The School
10.    Assessment And Examination: Getting A Measure Of The Subject
11.    Education And 'The Risk Society': Teaching With An Ecological Time-Bomb
Part III: From Discipline To Emancipation
12.    Chapter 12: Education For A Change: Some Reflections For Practice