The New Sociology for Australians, 4th Edition

Margaret Sargent all

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The New Sociology for Australians, 4th Edition

By Margaret Sargent, Pam Nilan, Gabriele Winter
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Margaret Sargent all
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As with previous editions, this text is very readable.  It is written in a clear, informal, engaging and lively style and is relatively free of jargon. The text adopts an uncompromising critical stance and is written in a provocative style designed to challenge students to clarify their positions as individuals in the social structure.

Margaret Sargent has lectured in Sociology at the University of Sydney and University of Western Sydney. She has published widely.

Pam Nilan lectures in Sociology at the University of Newcastle

Gabriele Winter lectures in Sociology at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

Table of contents
  • 1. Sociology-What is it?
  • 2. Class, ideology and status
  • 3. Ways of obtaining knowledges
  • 4. Learning to belong: Freed and fettered
  • 5. Families and the public sphere
  • 6. Health, well being and medicine
  • 7. All Australians-but some more Australian than others
  • 8. The benefits of racism
  • 9. And how old are you?
  • 10. Education-for equality? Employment? Emancipation?