York Notes Advanced: Death of a Salesman

Adrian Page

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York Notes Advanced: Death of a Salesman

By Adrian Page
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Adrian Page
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Death of a Salesman: York Notes Advanced for A Level students and undergraduates is your ultimate Study Guide and revision aid, and will help you to gain a thorough understanding of the play’s themes, characters, events and context. The guide’s in-depth analysis of key aspects of Death of a Salesman will equip you with the knowledge needed to produce answers to examination questions and essays of the highest standard.

A Level examiners will award the highest marks to candidates who can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of aspects of Death of a Salesman such as the effectiveness of Miller’s use of signs and symbols to convey parts of the story, the extent to which Willy is justified in his belief that Biff has betrayed him, or the role that the theme of capitalism plays in the unfolding tragedy.

To enable you to maximise your potential to earn the highest grade in your A Level English Literature examination, Death of a Salesman: York Notes Advanced provides not only all of the insight, analysis and background information you’ll need but also a wealth of study aids and practical tools that will help you to create high-scoring essays and answers.

Adrian Page has taught literature and drama at degree level and is now a Principal Lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Luton. He has published works on literary theory and semiotics and he is the editor of The Death of the Playwright? Modern British Drama and Literary Theory (Macmillan, 1992).

Table of contents
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: The Text
  • Part 3: Critical Approaches
  • Part 4: Critical History
  • Part 5: Background
  • Further Reading
  • Literacy Terms