New Longman Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, 2nd Edition

John O'Connor

New Longman Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, 2nd Edition

By John O'Connor
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John O'Connor
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New Longman Shakespeare is a series of educational editions of the most popular Shakespeare plays studied and taught in secondary schools. They provide teachers with a balanced approach to teaching Shakespeare through the unique combination of close textual analysis and drama activities. 

The complete text is accompanied by:
  • textual notes which help students to understand difficult words, historical references and key imagery
  • a clear and simple plot summary for each page of the play
  • activities which develop student understanding of the play, covering themes, character, plot, imagery and language
  • actor's interpretations which encourage students to see the play as a piece of drama
  • differentiated, exam-style activities at the end of each act, providing practice for SATs and GCSE/Standard Grade
  • summative activities which give a complete overview of the play
  • information on the social and historical background to Shakespeare's England, plays and playhouses, the Globe theatre and Shakespeare's language.