York Notes Advanced: W. B. Yeats, Selected Poems, 2nd Edition

W. B. Yeats

York Notes Advanced: W. B. Yeats, Selected Poems, 2nd Edition

By W. B. Yeats
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W. B. Yeats
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There is no better or more effective way to revise W. B. Yeats, Selected Poems for your A Level English Literature exam or undergraduate studies than with York Notes’s comprehensive study guide. This invaluable book will help you to understand the most important aspects of Yeats’s poetry and develop your critical appraisal skills, enabling you to produce answers to A Level English Literature questions that will earn you high marks towards your grade.

High scoring candidates will be able to impress examiners with their wide-ranging knowledge of W. B. Yeats’s poems and be able to comment on how Yeats’s poetry differs in style from that of his contemporary poets, how ageing, mortality and the passing of time are common themes in Yeats’s poetry, or how Yeats’s passion and patriotism for Ireland is evoked in the use of metaphor and imagery in his poems.

The York Notes revision guide for W. B. Yeats, Selected Poems has been designed to enable you to appreciate and critically appraise Yeats’s poetry and to demonstrate your understanding of his use of language and literary techniques in well-crafted essays and responses to examination questions that will earn you your highest grade in your English Literature A Level or undergraduate examination.

Table of contents
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: The poems
  • Part 3: Critical approachs
  • Part 4: Critical history
  • Part 5: Background
  • Further Reading
  • Literacy Terms