Motor Vehicle Engineering Science for Technicians

S. J. Zammit

Motor Vehicle Engineering Science for Technicians

By S. J. Zammit
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S. J. Zammit
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Adapted from the author's successful Science for Motor Vehicle Technicians, this book aims to develop the student's understanding of statics, dynamics, energy, machines and engine power against a background of basic mechanical science, and is supported by many illustrations.

Intended primarily for students following the BTEC Level 2 course in Motor Vehicle Science, this book will be suitable for all motor vehicle students following similar courses. It will also be of value to overseas students who are preparing for the City and Guilds of London Institute Examination Motor Vehicle Technician Certificate Part 1.


  • Over 600 worked examples and examination-type questions with solutions

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: Angular motion
  • Chapter 2: Force, mass and acceleration
  • Chapter 3: Work, energy and power
  • Chapter 4: Friction
  • Chapter 5: Properties of lubricating oils
  • Chapter 6: Stress and strain
  • Chapter 7: Vehicle suspension springs
  • Chapter 8: Forces acting at a point
  • Chapter 9: Simply supported beams
  • Chapter 10: Simple machines
  • Chapter 11: Vehicle transmission and steering 
  • Chapter 12: Temperature and quantity of heat
  • Chapter 13: Change of state and latent heat
  • Chapter 14: Expansion of solids and liquids
  • Chapter 15: The gas laws
  • Chapter 16: Fuels and combustion
  • Chapter 17: Engine cycles
  • Chapter 18: Engine testing
  • Answers to review questions
  • Answers to problems
  • Index