Applied Mechanics, 3rd Edition

J. Hannah all

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Applied Mechanics, 3rd Edition

By J. Hannah, M. J. Hillier
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J. Hannah all
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This ediiton introduces the basic principles of applied mechanics. The book brings together the principles of statistics and dynamics with regard to forces, thermo- and gas-dynamics and fluid flow.

  • Coverage of the basic principles of satellites, aircraft, rockets and helicopters extended with further descriptive work, diagrams and examples.
  • Brings together in the exercises the principles of statics and dynamics with regard to forces, thermo- and gas-dynamics and fluid flow.
  • Each topic supported by worked examples followed by list of problems for practice.
  • Practical aspects of engineering emphasised as well as implications for design and safety.
  • Mathematical formulae is kept to a minimum.
  • Covers basic principles of statics, dynamics, strength of materials and fluid flow
  • Covers BTEC NIII Engineering Science unit.

Table of contents
  • 1. Statics.
  • 2. Frameworks.
  • 3. Friction.
  • 4. Velocity And Acceleration.
  • 5. Inertia And Change Of Motion.
  • 6. Motion In A Circle.
  • 7. Balancing.
  • 8. Periodic Motion.
  • 9. Dynamics Of Rotation.
  • 10. Work, Energy And Power.
  • 11. Impulse And Momentum.
  • 12. Aircraft And Rockets.
  • 13. Direct Stress And Strain.
  • 14. Mechanical Properties Of Materials.
  • 15. Shear And Torsion.
  • 16. Shear Force And Bending Moment.
  • 17. Bending Of Beams.
  • 18. Combined Bending And Direct Stress.
  • 19. Fluid At Rest.
  • 20. Fluid In Motion.
  • 21. Experimental Errors And The Adjustment Of Data.