Rapid Stage 6 Set B: Deadly (Series 1)

Helen Chapman

Rapid Stage 6 Set B: Deadly (Series 1)

By Helen Chapman
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Helen Chapman
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Attack of the Killer Spider: Karl gets the shock of his life when he is bitten by a huge and deadly spider. Adam takes him to the hospital but can the doctor save him in time? ... and where has the spider disappeared to?

Do or Die: Imagine your leg has been crushed and trapped beneath a rock. A snow storm is starting. If you don't move, you will die. Would you be brave enough to cut off your own leg to survive?

Series overview

The Rapid series has been developed to provide high interest reading books for students who are encountering problems with reading fluency and comprehension. The specially chosen fiction and non-fiction texts have been carefully levelled to provide support and challenge for struggling readers.

Age appropriate readers for 7-14 year olds that are perfect for encouraging reading fluency and comprehension.
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