Teeline Gold Course Book

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Teeline Gold Course Book

By Jean Clarkson, Stephanie Hall, Celia Osborne, Ulli Parkinson
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The Teeline Gold Course Book gives:

  • a clear, colourful layout
  • all the words you will need for exams and in the world of work
  • lots of exercises to reinforce the theory and to give you that all-important reading practice
  • practical dictation pieces to prepare you for your exam work
  • word groupings to help build that speed
  • all the longhand so you can check your shorthand
  • longhand transcription counted in 10s so that you can use it for dictation practice at home.
Series overview
Teeline is today's most successful shorthand system because it is based on the English alphabet and is quick to learn. It saves valuable tuition hours which can be used for other business/secretarial skills subjects.

Teeline writers are able to reach high speeds and Teeline's logical approach means that there are few basic rules to learn and new learning can be mastered quickly. It provides teachers and students alike with a flexible shorthand program.