Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War

Steve Phillips

Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War

By Steve Phillips
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Steve Phillips
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The Cold War is the ideal book for students studying the causes and the development of the Cold War in Europe, Asia and the Americas from 1941 - 90.


Each of the books is a manageable topic giving students a clear sense of achievement as they work their way through. There are extra notes, biography boxes and definitions in the margin and summary boxes to help students assimilate the information.

Series overview
The Heinemann Advanced History Series is a series which provides excellent coverage of all the most popular topics.
Table of contents
  • The Cold War in Europe 1945-91
  • 1 The seeds of conflict 1941-5
  • 2 The Cold War in Europe 1945-50
  • 3 The Soviet orbit: eastern Europe 1945-80
  • 4 The collapse of Soviet control over eastern Europe 1980-91
  • The Cold War in Asia and the Americas 1949-75
  • 5 US Foreign policy in the 1950s
  • 6 The Korean War 1950-3
  • 7 The Vietnam War I: Escalation 1945-68
  • 8 The Vietnam War II: US failure and withdrawal 1968-75
  • 9 The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • AS Assessment
  • Cold War to Detente 1945-91
  • 1 What were the causes of the Cold War?
  • 2 What were Stalin's motives for Soviet expansion in Europe?
  • 3 Why did East-West relations change between 1948 and 1962?
  • 4 What was the nature of the conflict during the Cold War?
  • 5 What were the casuses and achievements of Detente?
  • 6 Why, and how, did superpower rivalry change between 1979 and 1991?
  • Containing communism: the USA in Asia 1945-73
  • 7 For what reasons, and with what results did the USA intervene in the Korean War?
  • 8 What was the significance of the French withdrawal from South East Asia for the conflict between capitalism and communism?
  • 9 By what means, and for what reasons did the USA participate in the Vietnam War?
  • 10 What was the response of the American people to the Vietnam War and to what extent did this influence its outcome?
  • A2 Assessment