Heinemann Advanced History: Mussolini and Italy

Edward Townley

Heinemann Advanced History: Mussolini and Italy

By Edward Townley
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Edward Townley
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Mussolini and Italy is the ideal book for students studying the rise of fascism and the role Mussolini played in Fascist Italy prior to and during the Second World War.


Each of the books is a manageable topic giving students a clear sense of achievement as they work their way through. There are extra notes, biography boxes and definitions in the margin and summary boxes to help students assimilate the information.

Series overview
The Heinemann Advanced History Series is a series which provides excellent coverage of all the most popular topics.
Table of contents
  • The weaknesses of Liberal Italy
  • Fascism's appeal, 1919-22
  • Consolidating the fascist regime, 1922-5
  • Fascist political life, 1925-43
  • Fascist Italy: the economy
  • Fascist society
  • Italian foreign policy, 1922-40
  • Italy at war
  • Why did Mussolini become prime minister in 1922?
  • Why was Mussolini able to acquire dictatorial powers?
  • What were the main features of fascism?
  • Was fascist Italy a totalitarian state?
  • What was Mussolini's role in the fascist state?
  • Analysing fascist Italy: central issues
  • Analysing Italian foreign policy, 1935-40.

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