Discovering Religions: Christianity, 2nd Edition

Sue Penney

Discovering Religions: Christianity, 2nd Edition

By Sue Penney
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Sue Penney
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Discovering Religions looks at the world's major religions in a clear and accessible way.

Written specifically for lower secondary students, it examines key religious themes - worship, history, festivals and rites of passage. The emphasis throughout is upon a comprehensive, balanced coverage of the subjects and clear, motivating presentation.

  • each topic is presented in one self-contained double-page spread in an easy- to-follow layout
  • large, clear illustrations on every page
  • there is plenty of material for both classroom use and homework, including quick quizzes, crosswords, jumbling sentences and
  • activities requiring skills such as empathy
  • all key words are highlighted in bold, and on every double-page spread there is a dictionary list with their definitions
Target audience
Suitable for lower secondary.
Table of contents
  • Map
  • Time chart
  • Christianity
  • Introducing Christianity
  • Worship
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • The Orthodox Church
  • The Protestant Church
  • Church Buildings I
  • Church Buildings II
  • Christian worship
  • The Eucharist
  • Beliefs
  • The Bible
  • The early life of Jesus
  • The ministry of Jesus
  • Jesus' teaching - parables
  • Jesus' teaching - miracles
  • History
  • The growth of Christianity
  • The saints
  • Christianity today
  • Festivals
  • Celebrations I
  • Celebrations II
  • Celebrations III
  • People
  • Special Occasions I
  • Special Occasions II
  • Glossary

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