Heinemann Plays: Journey's End

R. C. Sherriff

Heinemann Plays: Journey's End

By R. C. Sherriff
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R. C. Sherriff
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Captain Stanhope and his officers face the full horror and futility of trench warfare. Includes notes and assignments for 14-16 study. 12 parts: all male. 

Series overview
Heinemann Plays is a well established series offering the best of contemporary drama and a wide range of established classics, in value-for-money hardback versions. The series has been specially developed to support classroom teaching and performance. Within the series there are plays for the full 11-17 age range. The series also contains the best of contemporary writing, and new editions of classic plays.

Heinemann Plays are sewn and bound in sturdy hardback covers, guaranteeing longer life. Heinemann Plays are ideal for class reading and performance, many with large casts and an equal mix of parts for boys and girls.