Rapid Stage 7 Benchmark Book: Lost and Found

Benjamin Hulme-Cross

Rapid Stage 7 Benchmark Book: Lost and Found

By Benjamin Hulme-Cross
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Benjamin Hulme-Cross
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Amit and Rupai are in the jungle with their mum, who is researching gorillas. Amit and Rupai get lost in the forest and they find a family of gorillas. The gorillas seem to want the children to follow them, but there is danger nearby ...

The Benchmark Books contain benchmarking tools to help you assess, monitor and track each child’s reading progress. One Benchmark book for each stage mirrors the look and feel of the Rapid’s reading books and is designed to be read after the reading books at that level.

Lost and Found is suitable for  8 ½ - 9 years Reading Age

Series overview
The Rapid series has been developed to provide high interest reading books for students who are encountering problems with reading fluency and comprehension. The specially chosen fiction and non-fiction texts have been carefully levelled to provide support and challenge for struggling readers.

The series is divided into 9 reading stages. Within each book there is a fiction and non-fiction text. The fiction titles in each set are written around the same character. Students can follow the adventures of each character as they move from one book to the next. The non-fiction text is linked to events or settings featured in the fiction stories.

This series is suitable for 7-11 year olds.