Making Sense: Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Understanding

James Hiebert

Making Sense: Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Understanding

By James Hiebert
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James Hiebert
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The key to effective math learning lies not in the regurgitation of isolated facts but in the ablility to reason with and use what is learned in understanding the concepts. But what does it mean to design a classroom so that understanding is the primary objective? What would a system of instruction look like if we took seriously the goal of helping all students understand mathematics?

In this ground-breaking book, James Hiebert and his colleagues arm teachers with the best current research-based ideas for designing and defending classrooms that support students' mathematical understanding. It is based on the authors' work in four separate research programs, all of which investigated the effects of specific instructional approaches. Out of their ongoing discussions emerged a striking consensus about what features are essential and what features are optional, which they share in this book. They also provide glimpses into their individual projects and into the classrooms from which they have drawn many of their ideas.

Table of contents
  1. Introducing the Critical Features of Classrooms
  2. The Nature of Classroom Tasks
  3. The Role of the Teacher
  4. The Social Culture of the Classroom
  5. Mathematical Tools as Learning Supports
  6. Equity and Accessibility
  7. A Day in the Life of One Cognitively Guided Instruction Classroom
  8. A Day in the Life of a Conceptually Based Instruction Classroom
  9. Student Talk in a Problem-Centered Classroom
  10. Snapshots Across Two Years in the Life of an Urban Latino Classroom
  11. Revisiting the Critical Features of Classrooms.