Units of Study for Reading: Dystopian Book Clubs

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Units of Study for Reading: Dystopian Book Clubs

By Katy Wischow, Lucy Calkins
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Katy Wischow all
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This unit is for teachers whose classes could benefit from a deep study of an incredibly engaging genre. It will support classes who could learn to talk more deeply about their reading and push themselves to read with greater volume. It will also pay off for teachers who want to take advantage of the power of a popular genre to lure kids into studying complexity and symbolism and allusions.

During the unit, readers will develop skills in reading more complex fiction texts: analysing symbolism, deepening character analysis, understanding story arcs, reading critically with questions in mind. Meanwhile, they will build on their work with reading notebooks, strengthening their ability to transfer their skills from one context to another, and supporting their increasing independence as readers and thinkers.

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