Math in Practice Kindergarten Pack

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Math in Practice Kindergarten Pack

By Susan O'Connell, Marcy Myers, John SanGiovanni
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Susan O'Connell all
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The Math in Practice Kindergarten Pack includes two books: Teaching Kindergarten Math and A Guide for Teachers.

In tandem with the Guide for Teachers, Teaching Kindergarten Math puts best-practice instruction and deeper understanding at your fingertips.

  • All 13 Kindergarten modules begin with an About the Math section where foundational mathematical ideas, instructional goals, and learning progressions are explored.
  • The Ideas for Instruction and Assessment section contains lesson ideas, formative assessment options, and suggested questions for eliciting students’ mathematical thinking.
  • Extensive teacher notes that support instruction by addressing common misconceptions, differentiation options, and student thinking to look for.
  • Thinking Through a Lesson sections walk through an entire lesson, including the behind-the scenes thinking and reflection of a master teacher.
  • Additional Ideas for Support and Practice include tasks and centre ideas to support students who need repeated exposure or different ways to access and understand a particular concept.
The Guide for Teachers is the linchpin of the entire series. It lays out key instructional ideas and approaches, providing a foundation for the accompanying grade-level books. Throughout the Guide for Teachers, you'll find what standards and research say about these topics, extensive support for effectively incorporating these strategies into your everyday instruction, and opportunities to reflect on your teaching. Explore instructional strategies such as.
  • asking questions that stimulate student thinking
  • exploring math concepts through modeling
  • using formative assessment to guide instruction.
Series overview
Math in Practice is a comprehensive, grade-by-grade professional learning resource designed to fit with any math curriculum you are using. It identifies the big ideas of both math content and math teaching, unpacking key instructional strategies and detailing why those strategies are so powerful.
Table of contents
Kindergarten Modules
  • Counting and Cardinality: Numbers 1–5
  • Counting and Cardinality: Numbers 0–10
  • Counting and Cardinality and Place Value: Numbers 0–20
  • Counting Numbers
  • Comparing Numbers 1–10
  • Decomposing Numbers
  • Understanding Addition
  • Understanding Subtraction
  • Understanding Facts
  • Exploring Measurement
  • Sorting and Classifying Objects
  • Introducing Geometry
  • Exploring Geometry

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