Math in Practice School Bundle

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Math in Practice School Bundle

By Susan O'Connell, John SanGiovanni, Marcy Myers, Laura Hunovice, Allison Peet more
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Susan O'Connell all
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The Math in Practice School Bundle includes 14 books altogether: one of each Grade-Level Pack plus an Administrator Pack.

Math in Practice is a comprehensive, grade-by-grade professional learning resource designed to fit with any math curriculum you are using. It identifies the big ideas of both math content and math teaching, unpacking key instructional strategies and detailing why those strategies are so powerful.

Rather than providing another sequence of lessons and units to take students from the beginning to the end of the year, Math in Practice focuses on developing deep content knowledge, understanding why certain strategies and approaches are most effective, and rethinking our beliefs about what math teaching should be. This essential resource will help teachers, administrators, and entire school communities:

  • Guide students in deeper math understanding
  • Respond to the challenges of their math curriculum
  • Support students who are struggling, excelling, and anywhere in between

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