Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Writing

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Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Writing

By Nancy Steineke, Harvey Daniels
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  • Over 50 reproducible mentor texts that demonstrate the moves of skillful nonfiction writers
  • 36 ready to use content-literacy lessons designed to engage students in close reading, quick writing, and lively discussion
  • More than 100 options for meaningful, content-focused extended writing projects.
Content-area teachers, rejoice once again: Harvey “Smokey” Daniels and Nancy Steineke bring you the companion volume to their ever popular Texts & Lessons for Content-Area Reading—this time helping students “write to learn,” using powerful writing and thinking strategies that get students engaged in your content and prepare them for academic writing, but don’t increase your workload.

Three text set lessons designed to be studied, written about, and debated together are divided into three nonfiction writing genres:
  • Narrative Nonfiction
  • Explanatory/Informational
  • Persuasive texts/argumentative
Table of contents
  • Ch. 1 Writing to Learn Content
  • Ch. 2 How to Use This Book
  • Ch. 3 Setting the Stage for Writing
  • Ch. 4 Sparking Thinking with Quick Writes
  • Ch. 5 Writing Before, During, and After Reading
  • Ch. 6 Taking Note
  • Ch. 7 Digging Deeper Into Texts
  • Ch. 8 Time for an Argument
  • Ch. 9 Writing for Understanding
  • Ch. 10 Closer Writing About Content
  • Ch. 11 Writing an Interview with Paul Robeson
  • Ch. 12 Creating a Fact Sheet About Edible Insects
  • Ch. 13 Writing a Letter to the Editor About Military Animal Use
  • Appendix 1: Skills Addressed in the Lessons
  • Appendix 2: Common Core Writing Standards Addressed in the Lessons
  • WrapUp Media Sources
  • References

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