Not This But That: No More Sharpening Pencils During Work Time

Elizabeth Hammond Brinkerhoff all

Not This But That: No More Sharpening Pencils During Work Time

By Elizabeth Hammond Brinkerhoff, Alysia D. Roehrig
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Elizabeth Hammond Brinkerhoff all
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Time is precious, and every teacher needs more. No More Sharpening Pencils During Work Time and Other Time Wasters shows you where to find it as well as research-based ways to align every classroom minute you can with the goals you have for learners.

The most important learning in any classroom occurs when students actively engage in work that matters, so clearing away anything that siphons off learning time is crucial. Elizabeth Brinkerhoff and Alysia Roehrig provide tools for assessing your classroom time, a summary of pertinent research, and suggestions for planning and teaching that help make every minute count. Their strategies will help you create and leverage instructional opportunities by:

  • finding new efficiencies in your classroom management
  • improving alignment between instruction and learning objectives
  • increasing the time students spend in higher-level thinking.

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