Workshop Help Desk: A Quick Guide to Making Your Teaching Stick, Grades K–5

Shanna Schwartz

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Workshop Help Desk: A Quick Guide to Making Your Teaching Stick, Grades K–5

By Shanna Schwartz
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Shanna Schwartz
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Recognising that there is a vast difference between children getting it and children holding on to what they have learned, Shanna lays out the universal principles of “stickiness” and describes how they can be used to tweak your teaching for a more lasting impact on young writers.

A Quick Guide to Making Your Teaching Stick is part of the Workshop Help Desk series.

About the Workshop Help Desk series
The Workshop Help Desk series is designed for teachers who believe in workshop teaching and who have already rolled up their sleeves enough to have encountered the predictable challenges. If you’ve struggled to get around quickly enough to help all your writers, if you’ve wondered how to tweak your teaching to make it more effective and lasting, if you’ve needed to adapt your teaching for English learners, if you’ve struggled to teach grammar or nonfiction writing or test prep…if you’ve faced these and other specific, pressing challenges, then this series is for you. Provided in a compact 5" x 7" format, the Workshop Help Desk series offers pocket-sized professional development.
Table of contents
  • 1 The Stickiness Principles
  • 2 Principle 1: Children Learn What They Are Ready to Learn
  • 3 Principle 2: Children Learn When They Are Engaged
  • 4 Principle 3: Children Benefit from Physical Representations of Their Learning
  • 5 Principle 4: Children Learn Through—and Love—Repetition

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