Listen Hear! 25 Effective Listening Comprehension Strategies

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Listen Hear! 25 Effective Listening Comprehension Strategies

By Michael F Opitz, Matthew D. Zbaracki
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Have you ever asked your students "Are you listening?" and felt uneasy that their response didn't distinguish listening from hearing? We expect children to spend fifty percent or more of their school day engaged in listening-comprehension activities, yet despite today's emphasis on skills-building in the language arts, most literacy curricula ignore the teaching of this crucial skill. Thanks to Listen Hear!, that's about to change.

Michael Opitz and Matthew Zbaracki recognise that teachers have their hands full with reading and writing standards; that's why they've designed Listen Hear! as a handy, friendly resource full of fresh teaching strategies that help you fold multidimensional listening comprehension instruction snugly into your existing reading and read-aloud lessons-without sacrificing room in your crowded curriculum.

Table of contents
  1. Understanding Listening
  2. Discriminative Listening
  3. Precise Listening
  4. Strategic Listening
  5. Critical Listening
  6. Appreciative Listening
  7. Assessing Listening