Stirring the Waters: The Influence of Marie Clay

Janet Gaffney all

Stirring the Waters: The Influence of Marie Clay

By Janet Gaffney, Billie Askew
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Janet Gaffney all
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Stirring the Waters celebrates Marie Clay as a major theorist and researcher whose work has influenced international communities of scholars and practitioners across wide-ranging disciplines. This collection of essays represents the depth and breadth of Clay's contributions to education.

Stirring the Waters is a way to recognise Marie Clay in the most significant way acknowledged by our profession—our work in honour of her work. Teachers, school psychologists, administrators, and researchers in multiple disciplines will be fascinated as they gain insight into the scope of Clay's interests and the eminent scholars whose views have been stirred (or shaken) by hers.


The authors of these essays share a common bond—their esteem for Marie Clay. Although representing diverse perspectives, the ideas of these distinguished scholars from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States have been stirred in some way by her work. Each one viewed this volume as an opportunity to express creative and new ideas.

Table of contents
  • Developmental Diversity and Beginning Literacy Instruction at School, S. McNaughton
  • There Are x Kinds of Learners in a Single Class: Diversity Without Individual Differences, D. Olson
  • Unpacking Literate "Achievement," P. Johnston
  • Creating Independent Learners, B.Watson
  • Reading Recovery: Waves of Influence on Literacy Education, B. Askew & J. Gaffney
  • Language and Literacy as Epistemology, B. Raban
  • The Gift of Story, C. Huck
  • Writing (Dallas) Cowboys: A Dialogic Perspective on the "What Did I Write?" Question, A. Dyson
  • The Young Reader as a Self-Extending System: Motivational and Cognitive Underpinnings, J. Guthrie
  • What Does Good First Teaching Mean?, I. Fountas & G. Pinnell
  • Revealing and Telling: The Socialisation of Attention in Learning to Read and Write, C. Cazden
  • Teacher Development: The Best Investment in Literacy Education, C. Lyons & G. Pinnell
  • The Political and the Professional in Education: An Unnecessary Conflict, P. Mortimore & J. Mortimore
  • Theoretical Privilege and Researchers' Contribution to Educational Change, V. Robinson & J. Walker
  • Forging an Interactive Relationship Among Research, Theory, and Practice, N. Jones & M. Smith-Burke.