Mineralogy eBook, 3rd Edition

Dexter Perkins

Mineralogy eBook, 3rd Edition

By Dexter Perkins
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Dexter Perkins
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This student-oriented text is written in a casual, jargon-free style to present a modern introduction to mineralogy. It emphasises real-world applications and the history and human side of mineralogy. This book approaches the subject by explaining the larger, understandable topics first, and then explaining why the “little things” are important for understanding the larger picture.

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  • Emphasis is placed on problems encountered in everyday life, including environmental problems.
  • Sciences outside of mineralogy, such as petrology and chemistry, are emphasised to place the material in context for students.
  • The history and human aspects of mineralogy are discussed by profiling individuals and their contributions.
  • Topical boxes relate mineralogy to everyday life, as well as other branches of science.
  • Examples are illustrated with photos and colour plates.
  • Descriptions of minerals are brief and concise.
  • Clearly described objectives begin each chapter.
  • A Glossary of nearly 1,000 mineralogical terms is provided, and References appear at the end of each chapter.
  • “Questions for Thought” appear at the end of each chapter and encourage students to explore further.
  • In-depth treatment of Optical Mineralogy is adapted from the very successful “Minerals in Thin Section.”

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Elements and Minerals
  • Chapter 2: Crystallization and Classification of Minerals
  • Chapter 3: Mineral Properties: Hand Specimen Mineralogy
  • Chapter 4: Optical Mineralogy
  • Chapter 5: Igneous Rocks and Silicate Minerals
  • Chapter 6: Sedimentary Minerals and Sedimentary Rocks
  • Chapter 7: Metamorphic Minerals and Metamorphic Rocks
  • Chapter 8: Ore Deposits and Economic Minerals
  • Part II: Symmetry, Crystallography, and Atomic Structure
  • Chapter 9: Crystal Morphology and Symmetry
  • Chapter 10: Crystallography
  • Chapter 11: Unit Cells, Points, Lines, and Planes
  • Chapter 12: X-Ray Diffraction and Mineral Analysis
  • Chapter 13: Atomic Structure
  • Part III: Mineral Descriptions
  • Chapter 14: Descriptions of Minerals