The Digital Photography Book, Part 3 eBook

Scott Kelby

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The Digital Photography Book, Part 3 eBook

By Scott Kelby
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Scott Kelby
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The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 follows in the footsteps of the wildly successful first and second volumes of this series, giving photographers nearly two hundred more closely guarded photographic tricks of the trade to get them shooting dramatically better-looking, sharper, more colorful, more professional-looking photos with their digital camera every time they press the shutter button.

Here's another thing that makes this book different: like the original, each page covers just one trick, just one single concept. With every page, photographers will learn another pro setting, another pro tool, another pro trick to transform their work from snapshots into gallery prints

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Table of contents
  • Chapter One. Using Flash Like a Pro, Part 2: Picking Right Up Where the Last Book Left Off
  • Chapter Two. Using Your Studio Like a Pro: In Volume 2, We Built It From Scratch. Now, Let’s Pimp It!
  • Chapter Three. The Truth About Lenses: Which Lens to Use, When, and Why
  • Chapter Four. Shooting Products Like a Pro: How to Get Them to Look Like You’ve Always Wanted Them To
  • Chapter Five. Shooting Outdoors Like a Pro: More Tips for Creating Stunning Scenic Images
  • Chapter Six. Shooting People Like a Pro: Yet Even More Tips to Make People Look Their Very Best
  • Chapter Seven. Shooting Sports Like a Pro: How to Get Professional Results From Your Next Sports Shoot
  • Chapter Eight. Pro Tips for Getting Better Photos: Tricks of the Trade for Making All Your Shots Look Better
  • Chapter Nine. Avoiding Problems Like a Pro: How to Sidestep Those Things That Drive You Crazy
  • Chapter Ten. Yet Even More Photo Recipes to Help You Get “The Shot”: The Simple Ingredients to Make It All Come Together