Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach, Compete Version, 2nd Edition

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Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach, Compete Version, 2nd Edition

By Michael Kifer, Arthur Bernstein, Philip M. Lewis
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Designed for students learning databases for the first time, Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach, Complete Version presents the principles underlying the design and implementation of databases and database applications. This edition of the Complete Version is designed for use in either a one semester introductory database course, or a longer sequence covering advanced material on databases or transaction processing.   Chapters 1-12 cover the core material for an introductory course.   Chapters 13-26 cover advanced database topics such as Object Databases, Security, XML and Data Mining.  Chapter 25 covers Web Services topics.   A practical case study is integrated throughout giving students an opportunity to work with a rich database application and implement technical concepts such as database design, query processing and, transaction processing.


The author's have also written a introductory version of this text that is shorter, less expensive and intended for a first semester database course. It contains 12 core chapters plus additional chapters on transaction processing, software engineering issues, object-oriented databases and XML and Web Data. 

  • Added chapter on Web Services.
  • Includes encryption, authentication, and e-commerce transaction coverage.
  • In-depth coverage of XML, object-oriented databases, and database tuning.
  • Comprehensive discussion on ODBC, JDBC, Dynamic SQL, SQLJ.
  • Complete coverage of UML with technical detail.
  • Early coverage of Schema Refinement (functional dependencies and normal forms).
  • Includes Triggers and Active Databases coverage.
  • Complete coverage on the architecture of transaction processing systems and transaction models.
  • Integrated application, “the student registration system”, illustrating topics being covered.


Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Overview of Databases and Transactions
  • Chapter 2 The Big Picture  
  • Chapter 3 The Relational Data Model
  • Chapter 4 Conceptual Modeling of Databases with Entity-Relationship Diagrams and the Unified Modeling Language
  • Chapter 5 Relational Algebra and SQL
  • Chapter 6 Database Design with the Relational Normalization Theory
  • Chapter 7 Triggers and Active Databases
  • Chapter 8 Using SQL in an Application
  • Chapter 9 Physical Data Organization and Indexing
  • Chapter 10 The Basics of Query Processing
  • Chapter 11 An Overview of Query Optimization
  • Chapter 12 Database Tuning
  • Chapter 13 Relational Calculus, Visual Query Languages, and Deductive Databases 
  • Chapter 14 Object Databases
  • Chapter 15 XML and Web Data
  • Chapter 16 Distributed Databases
  • Chapter 17 OLAP and Data Mining
  • Chapter 18 ACID Properties of Transactions
  • Chapter 19 Models of Transactions
  • Chapter 20 Implementing Isolation
  • Chapter 21 Isolation in Relational Databases
  • Chapter 22 Atomicity and Durability
  • Chapter 23 Architecture of Transaction Processing Systems
  • Chapter 24 Implementing Distributed Transactions
  • Chapter 25 Web Services
  • Chapter 26 Security and Electronic Commerce
  • Bibliography
  • Index