The Top 50 Management Dilemmas: Fast solutions to everyday challenges

Sona Sherratt all

The Top 50 Management Dilemmas: Fast solutions to everyday challenges

By Sona Sherratt, Roger Delves
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Sona Sherratt all
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The Top 50 Management Dilemmas provides help on the most common hurdles that managers face. It will help you understand every situation better so you know exactly what to do, fast.

Whatever your challenge – an individual, your team, external clients, conflict, change or power – you’ll discover how to:
  • Get things done quicker, better and right – quickly understand what you need to do to get the best results
  • Develop stronger relationships – get the best from others, manage your team better and transform your dealings with clients
  • Build your problem-solving toolkit – avoid getting stuck and develop a powerful set of skills
  • Boost your reputation - be known as an adaptable, flexible and forward-thinking manager who always delivers

Sona Sherratt is an Ashridge faculty member since 2003, teaching tailored executive and qualification programmes. She has delivered senior leadership and general management programmes for clients around the world.


Before becoming Director of the Ashridge Masters in Management and an Associate Professor at Hult International Business School, Roger Delves was Programme Director in Cranfield's Centre for Customised Executive Education.

Table of contents
  • 1.  Challenges with individuals
  • 2.  Challenges with teams
  • 3.  Challenges with externals
  • 4.  Challenges around conflict
  • 5.  Challenges around change
  • 6.  Challenges around power, politics and influence
  • 7.  Challenges for yourself
  • Index