Working with People: The Helping Process eBook, 9th Edition

Joanne Levine

Working with People: The Helping Process eBook, 9th Edition

By Joanne Levine
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Joanne Levine
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Introduces basic components of working with people–observation, assessment, communication, and intervention



Working with People presents an engaging discussion of the theoretical foundation of human service practice, promotes the development of practice skills, integrates the topics of advocacy throughout, and encourages social work students to be more reflective in their work.


A better teaching and learning experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience--for you and your students.  Here's how:

  • Improve Critical Thinking – Encourages students to apply theory to practice.
  • Engage Students – Provides case examples emphasising diversity throughout, providing students with an opportunity to put theory into practice.
  • Explore Current Issues – The text incorporates important topics including advocacy, feminist psychology, the Internet and technology, and much more.

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Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 2. Understanding Ourselves
  • Chapter 3. Understanding the Human Condition
  • Chapter 4. Working with Ethnic Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
  • Chapter 5. Developing and Maintaining Communication with People
  • Chapter 6. Establishing and Using Helping Relationships
  • Chapter 7. Using the Basic Problem-Solving Process
  • Chapter 8. Developing an Eclectic Approach to Practice
  • Chapter 9. Utilizing Skills and Techniques
  • Chapter 10. Working with People in Groups
  • Chapter 11. Dealing with Vulnerability, Dependency, and Resistance 
  • Chapter 12. Getting It All Together
  • References and Related Readings