What a Life! Stories of Amazing People 3 (Intermediate)

Milada Broukal

What a Life! Stories of Amazing People 3 (Intermediate)

By Milada Broukal
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Milada Broukal
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What A Life! is an exciting introduction to some of history's most amazing people. Did you know that... William Shakespeare earned almost no money from his writing?... Leonard da Vinci wrote backwards in his notebooks so that nobody could read them?... Eva Peron's body was missing for 16 years?... Pablo Picassos never threw anything away, not even empty cereal boxes?... Agatha Christie wrote a book that actually saved someone's life? These and other fascinating biographical facts can be found in What A Life!

This three-book series takes a fresh approach to making reading both pleasurable and motivating! High-interest biographies focus on less-known facts about famous figures, rather than the chronology of events typical of most biographies.

  • Pre-reading questions and activities.
  • Vocabulary exercises definition and usage.
  • Main-Idea and reading-skills exercises.
  • Questions on detail and inference.
  • Discussion, comprehension, and writing activities.
  • Answer to exercises at the end of the book.
  • Students and teachers can use their own knowledge to enhance and expand each reading.
Table of contents
  • Unit 1 Leonardo da Vinci - Artist
  • Unit 2 Peter the Great - Royalty
  • Unit 3 Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer
  • Unit 4 Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Writer
  • Unit 5 Sarah Bernhardt - Actress
  • Unit 6 Nickola Tesla - Scientist
  • Unit 7 Sigmund Freud - Psychiatrist
  • Unit 8 Pandita Ramabai - Humanitarian
  • Unit 9 Matthew Henson - Explorer
  • Unit 10 Nellie Bly - Journalist
  • Unit 11 Maria Mantessori - Educator
  • Unit 12 Jacqueline Cochran - Pilot
  • Unit 13 Althea Gibson - Tennis player
  • Unit 14 Gabriel García Márquez - Writer
  • Unit 15 Dian Fossey - Zoologist
  • Unit 16 Bruce Lee - Athlete and actor
  • Unit 17 Wilma Mankiller - Political Leader
  • Unit 18 Richard Branson - Entrepreneur
  • Unit 19 Rigoberta Menchú - Activist
  • Unit 20 Diana Golden - Skier